Taxi Nieuwer-Amstel


020 755 28 55

Taxi Service Amstelveen
Taxibusje tot max. 8 personen 
A.u.b. overdag contact opnemen
Please contact during the day please
Geen HORECA Feesten Arena Huwelijk
No App or platform just old fashion way company
Taxi Amstelveen
Uithoorn Aalsmeer 
Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
Ronde Venen
Amsterdam Zuidas

Pay with PIN , Credit Card 

Reservations welcome

Betalen met PIN, Credit Card 

Betalen na de rit

Geen vooruitbetaling 

De echte Taxi uit Amstelveen

The real Taxi from Amstelveen

Meer dan 25 jaar gevestigd

More than 25 years located


8 persoons Bus Van

Beware !

There are many competitors whom call their selfves

Taxi (dispatch) Amstelveen with a 06 or 088 number

They are fake and not from this area and charge the highest prices and have a bad language accent and don't know the way on the road

Don't be misled by them with their fake websites and ads

  • Please do not call us if you are sick please stay home !
  • Short local rides also
  • Service from early morning at Day till 20:00
  • Pay with PIN Credit Card or Cash
  • Our cars always ventilated and decontaminated after every ride 
  • Private Taxi

Email :



SMS of Messenger Taxi reserveren reservations

06 4000 25 61

Reactie kan even duren ...Even Geduld A.U.B......

Responce might take a while..Please Wait....we also drive not only at office please thank you